Monday, May 19, 2014

Make way for Modi...why I think students voted for him!

There seemed to be a politician lurking in every student the past month. The Modi wave was clearly felt in KCT. Almost every student I knew voted for the BJP and each one gave a plausible explanation for the unanimous (!) decision.

Modiji, et tu? ;(

10 Things I think made Students** opt for BJP

1.Modi can speak. Yes, he can! /*He doesn’t speak the way Ranbir Kapoor does onscreen. So I have trouble understanding his Hindi*/

2. Manmohan Singh. Just look at how he's been called these days-  the puppet ruler, Sonia Gandhi’s spastic child, the silent spectator, solitary reaper (saw this one in Outlook), ‘mute-ant’ , male counterpart of twilight Bella,  etc..etc..He has been the new posterboy of Santa and Banta brand of jokes. 

3. Arnab Goswami… People believe he speaks right from the Upanishads.So hence goes the adage, "If one can’t duel  Arnab, he can’t rule the nation." #RahulGandhikiAag

4. 3G…3G..3G. Not many had an inkling of Coalgate or Adarsh.

5. 10 years of Congress. Nearly a decade of our lives (I mean those of us who have recently acquired the eligibity to vote), we have been seeing ‘Congress this, Congress that’. Before 2004, I don’t think 8,9 or 10 year olds would have made good political commentators.

6. Various Claims on how Gujarat is the “bestest” state in India.  

#1. Post on Facebook – China’s Bus Railway Transmit System “marketed” as Ahmedabad’s.

#2. The actual Ahmedabad’s BRTS –not bad looking either.

7. Riots? what riots?

8.  24 hours of Power Supply in Gujarat. Did I hear you right?!!

9. Congress is barely traceable in parts of Tamil Nadu. Loyalists perform CPR occasionally. In my extended family, there’s a Rajiv, Rahul and Indira. Just saying.

10. The 2014 Lok Sabha election was unlike the State elections where State parties had placed their entire bets on their election manifestos. Manifestos and verbal promises took a backseat since the promise of having Modi as PM loomed larger than any written statement. 

**you a  student?uh... Of course I'm not meaning you.

 But BJP eventually lost in Coimbatore constituency. People not residing in urban areas didn’t find BJP enticing enough and so for the first time, Green wave swept across Cbe. “ Amma to the fore in TN!” , “Jayalalitha struck gold – 37/39” screamed headlines.

 It was finger selfies galore on the day of election. I found one posting a finger selfie on FB and urging others to vote on April 24, the day TN geared up for the elections. The same guy posted a “Kaundamani” meme later that day mocking those who put up finger selfies! He might make a good politician in the days to come.

Note- I revere both Manmohan Singhji and Modiji but in different ways. PoSiTiViTy counts! for the next 5 years as well....