Friday, November 9, 2012

Lost in Laments....

Silence beckons me
Stillness absolves my every thought
Darkness engulfs me like an endless sea,
I feel my soul - lifeless and taut.

Follow my eyes; they lead nowhere
Nothing opaque seems to strike my glance
No I’m not stoned, nor sick - I swear
I better not ask myself, ‘is this all a trance?’

Thoughts throng my skull like birds caged
Wrecking my every nerve and every vein
I strive to set them free: but raged
For my every attempt ends in vain.

My fingers quiver as I write
Longing to fold themselves in prayer
With all my strength, I mouth ‘at the end of the tunnel there’s light’
I am my very own soothsayer.

‘Breathe!’ my mind bellows beneath
I obey; a surge of calmness takes over,
The tempest subdued but not done with
With effort, I finally ease my soul and let it hover.


  1. Amazing poem...I like each and every lines...Thank you so much for sharing this....:)

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    Thanks & Regards

  2. Swetha instead of lamenting you should have gone for a reconciliation!