Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Knight Rises..and how!

               All superhero movies defy logic.  Batman outdoes them all…but with a difference. A stale looking Bale in an incredibly “batty” clearly my most favourite superhero of all time…..thanks to a tight screenplay and an amazing soundtrack. A fitting end to the most believable series ever. We’ve had enough of the movies where the- guy-with-super-awesome-powers-kills-off-the-bad-guy-and-rescues-his-hostage-girlfriend-in-every-damn-movie-making-it-fricking-boring-all-the-time (read spiderman). Pity it’s a trilogy. Can’t they all go the ‘Shrek’ or the ‘Die hard ‘or even the ‘Harry Potter’ way? Three (sigh!) hugely commendable movies..move over James Cameron….Nolan’s intelligence is notable in every scene, every second. “The Dark Knight Rises” and soars high..way too high!   Sorry, I just can’t stop raving about this film. And what a movie it was!

           My friends did try to spoil the fun..revealing some bits of the movie before I got to watch it. But even if you read every single word of the screenplay in  Wikipedia (drats!),  it doesn’t give away anything…nothing compared to watching it in IMAX with a screaming bunch of kids who go gaga over every single move “the(EE)” Batman makes!

What happens when too many things are thrown in the storyline? It does turn overwhelming. That was the case with Nolan’s “Inception” but definitely not with DKR. All the many-many characters synced beautifully. Anne Hatheway wasn’t the kind of catwoman that Halle Berry portrayed in a non-batman movie (thankfully), her outfits weren’t outlandish and she played the “good-bad” accomplice part to a T! Thomas Hardy as Bane is totally convincing-pure evil and menacing. Marion Cotillard plays Miranda Tate-  innocence and cunningness personified in equal measures! And my ever favourite Liam Neeson making a cameo as Ra’s Al Ghul…whoa! What more could you ask for!

Ra's al Ghul: Did you not think I would return, Bruce? I told you I was immortal.
Bruce Wayne/Batman: I watched you die.
Ra's al Ghul: There are many forms of immortality.

I thoroughly loved the dialogues .Bane’s quotes were more enjoyable than Batman’s. But the ones that engaged me the most were that of Lucius Fox’s and Wayne’s. Fox (Morgan Freeman again) shows him the beast of a machine (the "uber coolest" bat toy as of date) and …

Lucius Fox: I call it... The Bat and yes Mr. Wayne, it does come in black.
Bruce Wayne/Batman: Now you're just showing off.

Simply awesome right!

            I’d definitely like to watch the movie over and over again-for Christian Bale (..too) Though his batman suit does most of the talking, he plays the runaway-hero-making-a-comeback-of-sorts-role convincingly. Wonder what the suit must’ve felt like for Bale and the mask for Hardy. Superhero-villain outfits are getting less garish but increasingly inconvenient, I must say.

            So many surprises define DKR. Most of it are totally nerve-wracking. DO WATCH this movie! What a refreshing difference from those earlier batman movies like the dumb “Batman and Robin” and the disappointing “Batman forever”! Nolan, with his trilogy, has given the character a whole new dimension….breath-taking alright!!

Seriously don’t know when I’ll get over this batman frenzy!!

Deshi Basara….Basara…..!