Sunday, June 10, 2012

So what "interests" you...?

A director by profession….one of the best known in the planet.  After making the biggest money raking movie of all time, the man made news again and how..? James Cameron is passionate about the movies he makes. This time around, he made it a point to prove the world he was equally moved by a fascinating, endearing but a rather dangerous vocation -Underwater Exploration...! This March, on 26th , he undertook a solo diving expedition to one of the deepest points on earth – The Mariana Trench (whoa! It’s depth is far greater than the Everest’s height) Considering the fact he’s nearly 60 years old, this is no mean feat!!
Deep Sea Challenger - Cameron's sub

We’ve come across people dabbling in all sorts of things. An actor who paints (Salman Khan, or so he claims), a painter who writes ( unknown facet of MF Hussain), a writer who’s a cricket enthusiast (Ramachandra Guha), a cricketer who likes to cook (Matthew Hayden), a cook who used to play football (Gordon Ramsay, no wonder), a footballer who loves karaoke (Ronaldinho, groovy alright!), a singer who plays golf ( Celine Dion), a golfer who’s into spear fishing (Tiger Woods, I guess it’s better to leave his “other” interests out) and the list is endless….

We wonder how people manage to juggle between their profession and interests. Some are lucky, they have their sole interest as their career. Some have so many interests that they don’t know how to prioritize things and some people dedicate their time to one interest at a time and those seem to have the cake and eat it too.

Ask a person what his/her interest is…If you have a good EQ, you could probably guess the person’s other interests too depending on his/her answer. It is highly possible that a girl who likes reading might like writing; a guy who watches movies all the time likes to be a critic; a lady who is passionate about cooking loves spending time with her family; a man who is a foodie might love to travel too….It’s all interconnected, probably. There are of course several instances when a person has interests totally unrelated to each other, especially if it is as different as designing automobiles and tarot card reading (and you’ve got to trust Johnny Depp when he says he likes playing with dolls!)

I know…the more the number of interests, the more it sounds good on your resumé.  But what if you find yourself wanting a hobby?  

Grab a pen and paper. Think your head out on what you really like to do and note them down. Start acting on it (one at a time) the very next minute! This one worked for me.

PS- To all those who have ‘people watching’ in their list, don’t get bogged down by people who think otherwise, for it has nothing to do with “sighting”! I’m a people watcher too :) and it’s one of the most interesting things to do in a crowded restaurant or a gathering (I don’t do it at college since I really don’t want to be nicknamed ‘the perpetual starer’!!)

Have an “interest”ing week ahead everyone!


  1. Hey even I am also a people observer!! You can always try acting like Sherlock Holmes and guess stuff about them also!

  2. Elementary my dear Watson :)Yeah...that's a terrific thing to do!

  3. interesting post and wise words!

  4. I got to learn a lot it seems ...

    but i did have a interesting week will psot about it sooon :)