Sunday, January 29, 2012

On campus/compassion grounds..

College- a place synonymous with friends, fun, frolic, endless gossiping, love affairs, boring lectures, bunking classes and flunking tests (sigh!) So it’s indeed incredible to see that social service has been added lately to this list.

At an age when everyone is trying to “up” their coolness quotient, it’s refreshing to see youngsters develop a selfless spirit to help the disabled and the underprivileged. 

Every event or program being held for a social cause has several college students volunteering themselves for it, be it a drive to plant a million saplings or a walkathon to create awareness on sexual abuse.

I’m amazed at how well my peers handle the preparation that goes with the social work. Their agility and maturity, when it comes to collecting funds and organizing shows for charity, is something to marvel at.

 At my college, a day is all it takes to collect money if a fellow student meets with an accident or when a student needs money to fund her cancer ridden mother’s operation, thanks to students with an eager mind and able body to help.

The best fact is that no one considers it below the belt to serve the diseased and the mentally challenged. “Status“ doesn’t have a say here. 

It’s really heartwarming to see more and more student folk coming together in the guise of service organizations. I’d be worried if several new pro-radical groups crop up or when a lousy actor gets more fan clubs in the state, but I’m totally cool with whomsoever may come out with howmuchever social service groups. Kudos to the students community!


  1. College and social service go hand in hand....:) nice post...!

  2. well written swe...:)

  3. very informative part.. i guess i can initiate this among my peers too! great work!