Saturday, December 31, 2011

Buh-bye 2011....hiya 2012!

I’m writing the last post of 2011 in its last hour. And I’m clueless on what to write..let me see… 2011 was a year of sorts- the only year where I spent the first few months at school and the rest at college.  Now that it’s gonna be over soon, let’s think about 2012- the year the Mayans thought would spell doom for humanity. Well, I don’t think so! No offence Mr.Nostradamus but I think the ultimate end would take us by surprise and not after we have watched destruction films like ‘2012’ and ‘Independence day’

You would have probably finished making your “resolutions 2012” list. Mine goes like this- Learn to drive, Be more active, Read one book a month- alternating between fiction and non-fiction,  …(I’m watching ‘Inception’ right now..Darn good…It’s distracting me).., Spend more time for prayer, Concentrate on studies the coming semester atleast, write meaningful stuff on this blog (lol.. and my mom wants to ‘add drink milk every night’ to this list!)  

I hope 2011 ended on a high note (no, I’m not referring to the notes of “Why this kolaveri di?”) I wish everyone all the happiness and success this new year….and quoting a friend, “PoSiTiViTy” is all that counts!!

Happy New Year 2012!!!


  1. Happy new year Swetha! :) Nice post, indeed!

  2. nyc work...go ahead...wish u all success :)

  3. happie new year...wish yo a fantabulous year ahead :)

  4. Fellow blogworld passengerApril 12, 2012 at 12:08 PM

    Chanced upon your blog. You seem to be a gifted writer. Just keep writing more. That's one of your resolutions for this year right?

  5. hmm...yes...though i've slowed down already...thanks....