Saturday, October 15, 2011

All it takes is a Week....!

It was an incredible week for the people of Coimbatore.  The city witnessed such an assortment of events – some good, some bad; but quite hard to miss.  

Evenings were marked by heavy downpours and thundershowers, resulting in felled trees and traffic-disrupting water logs. They laid bare the flaws left undetected by the Corporation.  My college bus was one among the listless vehicles stranded 2 days back and I had to sit tired and famished for nearly 4 hours!!

With the local body elections around the corner, campaigning by several political parties is on full-swing.  My house alone was visited by 7 ‘hopeful’ female candidates (our ward is reserved for female presidency and it’s no surprise wives of former presidents are normally fielded in…) CM was here yesterday and traffic had to be diverted to clear her route (no wonder).

Another important and much loved person arrived with less pomp and for a nobler cause.  Former Prez-Abdul Kalam made his way through several institutions across the city to sow his vision for a glorious India in the minds of the city youth.

The legal fraternity had their share in halting the city roads as well! Nearly 1000 lawyers staged a road roko and formed a human chain along the city roads protesting the alleged attack on a fellow lawyer by policemen following a verbal duel.

When will all these deadlocks come to an end? I wonder….


  1. I was stuck due to the rains too. Never had such an experience before..

  2. I don't know why, but your post made me miss namma ooru kovai a lot! :)
    Btw, I've tagged you here

  3. @ Priya: Oh my! Even Harris Jayaraj's concert was cancelled today due to wrongly timed showers.... :(
    @krishna didi: U should visit Cbe more often!!