Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do I see a friend in her?

My first week as a college student was quite…eventful. New faces, new people and a totally new atmosphere. A week is all that it takes to judge a person – outwardly. You can tell who’s who of the lot- a person loaded with attitude, a person who’s shy and reserved, a person who’s neither here nor there and a person who tries so hard to fit in that it shows.

There are 45 girls in our class and no one is alike. Each girl has a story of her own. You can almost see the longing to be accepted in some faces and there are some, quite unhappy with the people they share their desk with. Some look so detached but when you go ahead and talk to them, you realize they’re completely opposite to their reserved selves. I’m hoping to unearth more from such introverts.

It all depends on the person. If you like the environment, you are happy. If you don’t, you just accept it. I am pretty much happy. I’ve got great people to talk to and met some who share my ideas.

 It’s virtually impossible to get to know all 45 girls of my class in a week. So I’m looking forward to get acquainted with all of them. Wish me luck!

*Belated Friendship day wishes


  1. Best wishes!! College life is one of the best times of life!! Enjoy every moment of it!!

  2. Good can get to know them as time passes...

  3. Good luck. You will have the best years of your life!!!