Friday, June 3, 2011

Dreams In Prussian Blue - a review...

Dreams in Prussian Blue

     When I came across the book with the blue cover and orange rimmed pages, little did it seem like it came from Penguin.  One look at the cover, I was convinced it must be Chetan Bhagat-ish . Even the author’s bio struck a chord…… Dreams in Prussian Blue by Paritosh Uttam is one of the first books from the Penguin metro reads series. Colours can be quite tricky. I soon found that out after reading the first few chapters. No, I won’t be calling anything Chetan Bhagat-ish anymore. The day I completed the last chapter of the book was…quite gloomy. It’s my fault. A more mature mind would have found the end classy… 

    Naina, a first year student of Fine Arts College, Mumbai falls for her senior Michael Agnelo (or Michaelangelo?).  She doesn’t think twice to drop out of college and live in with him. It’s rather late when she realizes he’s a heartless snob who likes to have it the easy way while she slogs it out to make ends meet. When she does make her mind to move out, an accident leaves the budding (?) artist blind and everything turns obscure as before. Naina is made to play puppet by many which drives her to lie.. a lie which changes everything. 

   I was really impressed with the narration. The author reads the female mind quite well though we might feel a persistent irritation towards the protagonist and her inability to let go off her problems. It’s not exactly a page turner but nevertheless a good read.  

Note : I love the title of the book… 


  1. I've read this book and I don't find it depressing, considering that there are a lot of books that are still more saddening. a good review nonetheless....

  2. The title does get me in too! But I guess, after reading your review, I will pass this one.. Thanks for the review :-)

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