Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Quick Take...

·        It’s Amma to the fore again. It was a total sweep! I was, for once, surprised. I didn’t think it would be such a victory given DMK’s penchant for media and outright advertising. Even the pre-election polls weren’t clear. I was under the impression that there would be no clear lead. Ms.JJ proved me wrong. And the mere thought of Mr.Vijayakanth (captain!)…. the leader of opposition…..! I wish the new government and also, the people of Tamil Nadu all the very best!

·        Osama’s death and subsequent burial (or drowning?!) in the seas of Pakistan ensures Obama’s second term as US Prez. I cannot make head or tail of what’s going to be the future of global terrorism and what’s Osama’s death got to do with it. All I wish is that no one names Osama a martyr. (It could’ve been better if Osama had met his end like Saddam Hussain.)

·        IPL IV is pretty boring, even with an additional 2 teams. The absence of either Lalit Modi or any other major scandal may be quite the reason. No harm, I still support CSK (but with rather little fizz).

·        I had been to the newly opened restaurant in town, Alepanos (named after a Mexican chilly). They served what was rather different to my taste buds which were largely used to Sampoorna’s biriyani and Annapoorna’s Sambar (which are by no means, hugely delectable!) The food was quite high in content and so was the bill.

·        But this has been the most affecting one of the month – my 12th exam results! I got 1154/1200. My parents were happy and so am I. But to a student who is going to take up engineering, cut-off marks mean everything. And let’s just say I got something above 193 and I’ve got some 15000 ahead of me! God give a seat! Till then my fingers remain crossed….


  1. I agree with you IPL has become quiet boring.
    Not at all interested in watching it :)

  2. Hey Congrats on your score!!1154 is a good score. I understand your situation here.. Entrance Examinations would have helped. hope AMMA brings back Entrance Examinations. Eitherways!! congrants on your score.. IPL boring is because of too much CRICKET in the last few months!!


  3. Hey...Congrats on the marks!

  4. So once again, Mummy Returns !!

    I expected JJ to win this election, but, I never thought it would be clean sweep.

    Vijayakanth opp leader....unbelievable.

    Obama, Osama.....brothers in arms!! suberb photo.

    keep up this good work, Swetha. Write more often. I'm following you now....

  5. For the first time i see a case where u keep family ahead of work and suffer a lot!!! Karunanidhis loss!!!
    Congos on ur mark swetha.. All the best for your next phase!

  6. Thank u everyone... Let's hope the new government sets aside political vendetta and strives for a better TN..