Saturday, April 9, 2011

Vote For a Day!

April 13, the day to vote in Tamil Nadu. As always, the battle is set between the two mammoths, the ruling DMK and opp. ADMK.  I support neither and I’m of no use either since I turn 18 only next year.  Both the parties have offered a slew of freebies in their manifestos. I’m excited at this prospect, excited to witness the fulfillment (or half-fillment) of the promises by whichever party that comes to power.

The Election Commission(ers) are now seen as the most annoying  after the Income Tax people. Everyone’s complaining from the DMK chief to the bank official who had his ATM money seized inorder to curb the “cash-for-votes” exploits. Transactions have been severely affected between mill owners and the like due to the order imposed by the EC to seize any unaccounted cash of more than a lakh. EC have been on a rampage seizing any dosh found via random checkposts. But 5 crore rupees seized from an omni bus??!  Whew!

Coimbatore is seeing busy days too. The PM was here yesterday canvassing and days before, ADMK supremo Jayalalitha and her allies including Sitaram Yechuri held a meeting at VOC grounds.

Just three days to go, all I can hope is people vote sensibly and elect the better candidate. But first of all, they should turn up to vote, right?? 


  1. It's good to see young girls like you being interested in politics, or atleast knowing that there's an election coming by. good.