Monday, June 21, 2010

The Sands of Time

The whole of Coimbatore wears a festive look. “Ulaga Thamizh Semozhi Manaadu” (World Classical Tamil Conference) seems to be the reason. So much money has been pumped into it and lots of landmarks like the railway station, bus stop etc.., have been renovated. The Codissia hall at Peelamedu has been extensively refurbished to accommodate more than 16,000 people for the event which takes place between 23-27th of June. So all schools, colleges and government institutions have been declared holiday, for a week. Ah, how proud I feel now as a Tamil girl! (never mind I took up French in the higher stream, my love for Tamil remains intact)

So today is the first week day of my short vacation and I spent it writing my tuition homework (Maths) and yes, I watched Prince of Persia- Sands Of Time this evening (don’t ask me how). Astounding effects, nice screenplay… I’m not writing its review since I hardly concentrated on the facts. I didn’t even notice which kingdom the Persians were invading. It’s real fascinating to watch the dagger when it takes the person who holds it, back in time (but most of the time it plays hopscotch, jumping from one hand to another).
But the print wasn’t good enough, the audio was way behind the video and the subtitles were laughable (oops! That was a damn giveaway!)

Jake Gyllenhaal as Dustan, the prince.

I tried to find the review of the movie printed in last Friday’s paper. But then, I had torn that particular page yesterday to blot the ink my brother had spilt. Tough luck! 
Now I wish I had that mystical dagger with which I could’ve prevented myself from tearing that particular review or better, stopped my brother from knocking down the ink bottle!


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