Monday, May 31, 2010

Singam- a (p)review

Planning to make an out-and-out cop cum action movie in Tamil? Make sure every scene follows the concept below.

  •       The hero/cop must manhandle all the dowdy rowdies in the five plus action fight sequences single handedly.
  •       The heroine should be made to stalk her man. It’s important that she proposes her love first.
  •       Her other role is to fall prey to the on-the-prowl villain and eventually get rescued by the hero.
  •       Care should be taken to render the dialogues at the highest decibel level permitted. The hero and the villain must always try to outdo each other’s vocalization skills.
  •       A cop is a good cop only if he is sensitive to others’ sentiments. His dialogues must make the bad guy repent for his sins.
  •       Not the last and not the least, the hero must be the only one who takes the right decision at the right time. Everyone else should be made to play second fiddle in the execution part.

If every action movie has the same kind of setting, what sets each one apart?
The hero’s look, of course (In this case a very symmetrically and intricately designed moustache)

Singam’ is Surya’s 25th fim.  ‘Sun pictures’ seems to have taken a sudden liking to numbers. After Vijay’s 50 turned out to be a 0, here is Surya’s 25 hoping to hit 100 at the box office.

Oh yes, The story…

A sincere cop from small town kicks the bad guy’s butt in big town. All said and explained. 

Now for the extras…

Dhurai ‘Singam’ is the all-knowing and much loved Sub-Inspector of Nallur (wonder where the Inspector is?) whose detective skills succeed in making ‘Puli’ Kavya (Anoushka) fall for him. The Chennai-based don, Mayilvaaganam (Prakash Raj) is a rich guy who makes a living blackmailing rich guys.

The good cop gets in the bad guy’s way and things take a roller-coaster ride, the typical Hari way. Singam gets a posting in Chennai, little knowing that it’s Mayil’s way of separating the bull from its herd. Seeing how corrupt the big-town cops are, he nearly gives up, if not for the very inspirational speech of his ladylove. The hero now has no other intention than putting an end to the villain by retaliating with the same kind of villainous ways (unexpected know?)And then you get a Saamy- Aaru- Vael- Ayya kind of climax where the hero gives a (unsuccessful) final chance for the villain to turn a new leaf.

Everyone I know likes Surya, so I’ll get a good spanking if I find fault with him. He’s done a neat job as usual.

Anoushka has put on some weight. She’s got better-screen space than the one she got in “Vettaikaran”. But the chemistry doesn’t work much, which is kind-of evident by the SMS which is doings the rounds currently.

Surya – Oangi adicha ondra ton weight da!
Anoushka- Heels podamalaye naan ona vida height da!
Anoushka’s way taller than Surya!

DSP’s feet tapping numbers are enough to pull in the crowds. Vivek as “Ettu Erimalai” makes us laugh even if some of the dialogues are a little too rough-cut. Overall, the pace is nice and the punch dialogues click (as proved by all the loud shouts and whistles inside the theatre).

If I were to rate it, I’d give 5 stars out of 10. (Don’t be angry all my Surya-adoring pals, it’s not a very bad rating)


  1. Nice preview cum review!! I watched it yesterday n liked it way above some other usual police stories. Now above Saamy though. But Singam is good enough n i will give it 7.5/10! :P

  2. yeah,not bad but i agree with you that the chemistry dint worked you on indiblogger,How about review my blog

  3. I seriously wonder why Surya signed up with this movie having done a cop role in a movie like Kakha Kakha.


  4. Am sri from mauritius n only got to see z movie on jan 2011.i find z movie nice n surya is as usual good in cop roles..anoushka is a beautiful lady and has done a nice job...i just love z song en idhayam...regards all