Saturday, May 1, 2010

Paiya - a review

I write this review after a month the movie was released. I’ve never watched a film on the first day (not even the first week). But I can’t get over the urge to write this review.    
Cast:    Karthi, Tamannah, Milind Soman
Director: Lingusamy
The story
The easy-go-lucky Shiva falls head over heels on seeing Charulatha at first sight. As she turns up wherever he goes, he loses his senses, messes up with his friends and even misses his interview. Luck has it that she ends up seeking his help to travel all the way to Bombay (Thank God the Sena folks don’t watch Tamil movies!). And when the damsel in distress has goondas from Andhra chasing her, the knight in shining armor has his own problems from his previous visit to the destined city.  
 Karthi’s transformation from a village hunk to an urbane guy is only partially complete. If only he had sported a clean-shaven look….  However he puts in a solid performance and scores at the action level. He is humorous too.   
Tamannah as Charu is adorable. She looks beautiful in every angle and sports a different wavy hairstyle. But her character could have been better etched. She dazzles in the hard to miss rain song sequence.  
It is quite a run-of-the mill story if not for the small but interesting scenes thrown in and out of the film like the one where Charu deceives the hero by driving the Lancer. The black Lancer gets an unintentional promotion in the film and it puts up a top-notch performance too (!).    
Milind Soman has better roles to do than flying and hitting a landrover from the hero’s kick.  He appears stylish though.  
Yuvan Shankar Raja has rendered some good-to-hear songs, my favourite being “En kadhal solla…” “Poongaatre” fits in as the perfect song for the love laced travel. The lead pair looks astounding in the sets of “Suthudhe…suthudhe..”  
After “Run”, Lingusamy hits it with “Paiya”. If I were to rate it, I’d give 3 out of 5 stars. 

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  1. Nice blog!!

    I would rate paiyya as Lingusamy's 2nd best after Run but Sandakozhy n Bheema aint any bad too.