Monday, May 17, 2010

India's 60 years of achievement

This is the second one of my school essays. It took me nearly an hour to write this in the exam.

India’s 60 years of achievement


India is a land of many colours. India has endured many drastic but dramatic changes in the past 60 years of its freedom. Her accomplishments during this period are uncountable. Let us go through some of her innumerous achievements as a quick read, in the following essay.

India and her people

Sixty years back, India was a land, similar to a re-born child, just freed from the clutches of the British. Over 90% of the population was from the rural background. The literacy rate was extremely low. Industries, except those established by the East India Company were yet to develop. People were left to recover from the all the damage caused by the partition. But change happened fast. People began to value the culture of our nation as a whole.
In 1950, India became a republic. Eight languages were given official importance in the constitution. Thereby, people who spoke those languages were given due importance. States were divided on a lingual basis. And not on a religious scale which in turn promoted unity. People started to migrate to other places in search of jobs and households not withstanding the language barrier and promoted their culture in that area, which eventually lead to fusion of cultures and traditions.

The timeline 1947-2009 (though bits of it are true, the following work is to be considered as a piece of fiction)

India’s Muslim population though affected by the partition grew on steadily. Though Muslim-Hindu clashes were more at times, Muslim population increased and India has the largest number of Muslims in the world.
Education was given due importance. India’s literacy rate has improved to 62%. India has the largest number of primary schools in the world and The Indira Gandhi National Open University has the second largest number of students in the world. More emphasize is being made to discourage children from dropping out of schools and to pursue their education at the college level.
Every Indian except the gifted few used to be poor. Due to the Government’s untiring efforts, the standard of living of our people has improved gradually.
India has established her name as an agricultural as well as an industrial nation. India has the second largest number of mobile phone users next only to China.
India is the leading producer of tea and silk-cloth. Indian people consume most of the fresh water resources in the world. The GDP of India has reached a commendable 8.9% thus proving that Indian economy has withstood the recession which affected other big economies.
During the 1984 Sikh riots, 2002 Gujarat riots, Maoist menace in the North Eastern region and other frequent terrorist activities have tested our country’s unity and peace. But even in times of such turmoil, our people have learnt to stand by each other and survive those testing times.


India still has to reach many more milestones and reach levels like the no corruption, super power, anti-terrorist and non violent nation in the years to come. But the last 60 years of Indian history had been so eventful that Indian youth have realized the ways to learn from mistakes and blunders in the past and make way for a new and glorious future in every aspect.

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  1. Nicely written... Doesn't look like made up stuff ;-)