Saturday, May 15, 2010

Granny's day out

Our whole house is missing granny, my dad’s mom. She’s our unpaid house keeper. Everyone, but my mom, in our house is on vacation and she’s no exception. She has packed her lots or rather, a single yellow cloth bag and gone to stay at her relation’s place for some much needed rest.
On a normal day, she prepares half of the day’s meal (the rest by my mom), puts all the dirty clothes in the washing machine, hangs them out in the sun, tidies up my parents’ bed room and of course, supervises the domestic help.
Now in her absence, mom has to prepare everythin’, the dirty clothes are lying around the washing machine, not inside it and my parents’ master bedroom has turned into a monster bedroom.
Grandma is nearly 80 years old. She is so frail, has severe knee pain and fibroids. But I tell you, she doesn’t ever stay idle. She spends all afternoon chopping vegetables for that day, the next day and the day that comes after it. My dad particularly didn’t buy that easy vegetable cutter thing with German razors so as not to deprive granny of her favourite past time.
Well, she has traveled all alone with just Rs.150 and that too in a bus. Keep in mind, her knees are weak and she doesn’t how to read or write. I’m kind of amazed by that as I hesitate even to go and buy groceries at the store alone.
 I don’t when she’ll return but I hope she gets back soon. I miss her, though at times I really get annoyed with her when she instructs me how to do this, how to do that all the time. But now I miss that too.
As my mom’s vacation starts soon, the house will be back to normal. But it will lack my grandma’s touch, of course.  
I nearly forgot, my granny’s name is Iyyamal.
Even I don't pronounce it the right way!

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