Thursday, April 29, 2010

Text your day!


For all those who’ve got summer vacation - It’s a boring day and you don’t know what to do. But you are left with your mobile and you’ve got message booster with which you can send 16,000 free local SMS. Here are 5 fun ways to beat time. I guarantee that I’ve tried them and they are safe.

Create your own slam-book.

Here’s a sample.
Nick name:
Date of Birth:
Fav food:
Fav dress:
Best friend:
What gift would you like to get on your birthday?:

Or you can ask a host of other questions that you’re afraid to ask your friend, for example, What do you think is my weakness? or How close am I to you?
If you send it to some ten people, atleast six are bound to answer it.

Say their horoscope

Just ask their date of birth with which you can know what zodiac they belong to. Here’s the chart.

Aries               March 22- April 20
Taurus           April 21- May 21
Gemini           May 22- June 21
Cancer            June 22- July 23
Leo                 July 24- August 23
Virgo             August 24- September 23
Libra              September 24- October 23
Scorpio          October 24- November 22
Sagittarius   November 23- December 22
Capricorn      December 23- January 20
Aquarius       January 21- February 19
Pisces           February 20- March 21

Start your SMS with “You belong to the zodiac-…..”(to make your forecast believable).
You know your friend don’t you? If he/she is going for a trip that day, text “You are bound to go places today, meet new people and bond with nature. Be careful not to eat food that you are not familiar with. Don’t talk to strangers for you are a person who can be fooled easily”
Or if you know he/she is at a relative’s house, “You will feel like a fish out of water today. Learn to keep your cool amidst the zoo like atmosphere. Your loved ones may spell trouble.”
Cheating? Yes it is and it’s fun. Tease your friend to the maximum. “As you are known by everyone as a gutless person, it’s better you have your mom accompany you to the toilet at night”
If you are afraid that it might invite some trouble just type at the end “Source: Internet.”
But I don’t think they would buy it.

Quiz contests

Ask no more than 3 questions and provide the clues. Make sure the questions are the easiest. Otherwise you would get no replies.
For example, Who is the son of Sonia Gandhi? Clue: R_ _ u_ 
If you can afford it, promise them prizes and ask tougher questions.

Lost in translation (My fav)

Choose any song of your regional language. Then translate it into English. Now ask your friends to find out what song it is. Start with easy ones. Make it sound comical too. You can ask as many as you want to as long as you find the right words to translate into. You would have created a musical storm after a few songs.

Pull off pranks

If you have borrowed something like a notebook and it has to be returned to your friend the next day, just SMS him saying that you are unwell and you can’t make it.
But you aren’t the kind of person who would leave your friend notebook-less, so you tell him that you have asked the person who delivers the newspaper to give that notebook to him along with the paper the next morning. You’ve got to assure him that the newspaper guy would give him the book when asked.
And when you face your friend the next day, be ready to receive a nice spanking.

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