Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vinaithaandi Varuvaaya – a review

Vinaithaandi Varuvaaya

I just saw the movie this morning with my gang of girls at KG BIG cinemas. Well, I didn’t spend any of my money for it as the trip to the theatre was given as a treat by my pal.
The movie evoked certain mixed feelings. I didn’t quite know whether the story was usual or unique; whether the characters were well-etched or blurred or whether the director wanted to say the tale of two lovebirds or more than just that.

And about the story…

Karthick (Simbu) falls in love with his house owner’s daughter Jessie (Trisha) at first sight. She spurns his advances warning him about the differences between them and the consequences they’ll face if they possibly marry. And of course, she doesn’t like him yet. So, what Karthick does to please her and whether their love finally succeeds, forms the rest of the movie. Well, half of the film goes by this way, where the leading lady speaks the same dialogues over and over. The film could have ended some 15 minutes before the actual end. But the director goes on and on and the film takes a sudden twist at the climax.

The actors have done justice to their part, especially the scene where they meet again at the American park. Simbu’s tears look so real. The film is undoubtedly a Musical Drama. All the songs have been shot and placed frame to frame. A.R.Rahman is a genius!! The songs have been shot at exotic places and sound so heavenly! But they slow down the already slow pace of the movie.

The film is worth a watch, once. As the movie reaches the end of the movie, you are forced to see the whole outline once again. The movie is novel in many ways though its story sounds so common. And, forgive the cliché, the treatment extended to the film is fresh.

If I were to rate it, I’ll give 6 stars out of 10…..

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  1. I know its quite a wierd kinda movie n many of my friends didn't like the movie, mainly because of the climax, but to me, it is a great movie!! I loved it n its always one i would love to keep in my collection :)