Saturday, December 14, 2013

Thank you Lord!

To my Saviour, my Lord, Jesus Christ……

There’s more than just love
An everlasting bond
I promise never to break the vow
Nor make myself a vagabond.
I am blind, oh Lord
Truly blind in the bleary world of mine
You touch my eyes and I finally see
How illuminated the path is
You’ve laid out ahead of me.               
Will a simple “Thank you” suffice?
Pardon me, Lord
You’ve forgiven me enough already.
Your abiding comfort renews and comforts
This, at times, meek and disobliging soul
Help me, Lord
To defy turbulence and remain steady.

My saviour, you have been
My friend, you have been
My mentor, you have been
My healer, you have been
My father, you have been
You still are..
And will be..
You are what I call my strength, my hope and faith
I thank you,
And remain grateful for all eternity

PS- Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas…..May the good Lord bless you all!