Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Geekculture- what's trending now...

Ever wondered what the scrawly comic strips and the “lol” photos that seemed to be on everyone’s  Facebook wall were?  I bet not all of us would have thought that those comical, badly drawn caricatures would really have a name and a strong web community dedicated to it, creating hundreds of them each day!  Memes, derps, lolcats, rage faces…..the list is endless. These simple yet humorous posts have taken social networking by a storm. If you know everything about these terms already, welcome to the immensely populated (internet) cult that practically worships and breathes the tech culture or rather the “geek culture”!

Programmers and technocrats were how the “geeks” were called a few years back. Today, not any engineer can be termed a geek even if he /she has a vast command over hard-core technology or coding. To qualify as a technical geek (on non-professional grounds) one has to perceive tech culture as a way of life. Technical bloggers, hacking experts, reviewers of the latest gizmos etc.., who do it solely out of interest can be generally regarded thus. 

Right from understanding how everyday gadgets work to creating endless apps for Facebook, tech culture covers them all.  For some, it’s an obsession and some are lucky enough to have it as their profession. An internet phenomenon is never complete without such people. Tech-geeks are the first ones to notice a video go viral on YouTube (remember “why this kolaveri di?”), to lend their voices to an online campaign or better, they turn entrepreneurs through low investment start-ups and end up on the high end of the ladder if their efforts prove successful as in the case of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc. .

To join the elite club of the tech-cultured, all it takes for a person is to gradually develop a deep sense of curiosity in all matters related to the tech world and continue working on it till he/she is naturally imbibed into this part of the universe—where every occurrence is prized and experienced to its last (technical) detail!

It’s never too late to get going but once you start feeling the “geekiness” within you, caution- you might soon find yourself addicted to it (for all the right reasons of course!)