Thursday, March 24, 2011

School's over...Life starts...

My exams are finally over. Phew!

Back to blogging after a three month hiatus. I’ve resolved to read as much as possible this month (not lessons, books). Will really miss my folks back at school. Can’t believe my 14 years of school life has come to an end. We were quite an unlucky set. Exam fever, cricket fever, election fever and ordinary fever- all hitting us at same moment when Japan was hit by devastating waves. (oh Wikileaks fever began to hit the parliament too).

But what hit us most was the unnerving news of death of two persons close to us. One was our classmate and friend dear Harsha’s dad’s death ( I’m set to write a tribute to him) and my friend Asha’s unfortunate death. Asha studied with me 2 years ago and was an extremely talented girl. On the eve of her final physics exam, the girl had a fatal fall from the third floor of her apartment with the physics book still in hand. My heart goes out to her grieved parents. She doesn’t deserve this at all. Rest in peace, Asha.

I’ve got no more to say. Let me come up with a post tomorrow. Bonne nuit.


  1. Even am stuck in my final year works... Its been some 2 months since i posted something.. Anyways keep 'em comin..
    And RIP to ur friend..